Sibenik region Sibenik region

Sibenik region

Prime spot for water activities and swimming

Šibenik region is a popular tourist destination among those who seek a beach holiday. Apart from its stunning beaches, bays and coves, it is also steeped in history and has a rich cultural heritage. Its historical importance is evident in its numerous castles, churches and UNESCO Heritage Sites.

The region is also home to beautiful seaside towns and pretty islands that you can explore on day trips. In addition, the Adriatic sea in this area is a prime spot for water activities and swimming.

There are numerous bays and coves in Šibenik region, with crystal clear turquoise waters and stunning beaches. So book one of our yacht charter Croatia and enjoy your sailing holidays in style.

What’s the Weather Like in Šibenik region?

Being on the Adriatic coastline, Šibenik region has a Mediterranean climate most of the year, with long hot summers and mild winters. However, unlike the general Mediterranean climate, the Dalmatian coast has moderate rainfall throughout the year.

Moreover, Šibenik region benefits from sunshine all through the year. At the same time, winters can be wet, with November and December being the wettest months of the year. The mild temperatures in winters can reach as much as 30℃ during Summer (July and August).

The coldest month in Šibenik region is January, when temperatures reach as low as 4℃ at night.


Which is the Best Time to Visit Šibenik region?

The best time to visit Šibenik region is the summer months, from July to September. In summer, you can experience about 10-12 hours of sunshine per day. And the temperatures can rise to the mid to high 20s and occasionally go past the 30s. Furthermore, Dalmatia has a very low humidity at about 60%, so even hot weather is bearable.

However, if you like slightly cooler weather, the best time to set sail for Šibenik region is Spring and Fall. During these seasons, the temperatures are mild without being hot. The best part is that it isn’t as crowded and you can enjoy your sailing holidays.

Bays and Coves in Šibenik region

Šibenik region is well-known for its many beaches, hidden bays, and coves that leave you lost for words with their picturesque views. Here are some of the best bays in the Šibenik region region.

Strunac bay

Nestled in the heart of the Kornati archipelago is Strunac bay. Located in Zut, an uninhabited island, there’s nothing but warm Adriatic sea, bare land, grape vines, olives and figs on the island.

Kosirina bay

Situated on Island Murter, Kosirina bay is a natural bay accessible by car or boat. It holds a sandy beach lined by dense pine forests giving a romantic atmosphere.

Cigrada bay

Secluded from prying eyes in Island Murter is the idyllic Cigrada bay. The fine pebble beach is a well-known swimming spot rimmed with pine trees.

Levrnaka bay

Levrnaka bay is a picturesque bay situated on the island of the same name. On the other side of the bay is the Lojena beach, a scenic beach surrounded by unspoilt nature.

Tourist Destinations in Šibenik region


Šibenik is a must-see destination for those seeking an authentic Dalmatian experience. It is the most historic and oldest Slavic town in all of Croatia.

The history of Šibenik dates way back to the 11th century. The town still has several historic buildings from its Venetial period. As it happens, the town’s important attraction, The Cathedral of St James, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


There are also many breathtaking beaches in and around Šibenik for a refreshing dip in the Adriatic sea. Some fascinating attractions include:

  • Cathedral of St. James
  • Memorial to Juraj Dalmatinac
  • Loggia
  • Church of St Barbara
  • Church of St Nicholas
  • St Nicholas Fortress

Want a taste of the delicious Croatian cuisine? There are many restaurants that offer Croatian and Mediterranean dishes on their menu. Of these, Restaurant Pjat, with its friendly service and tasty dishes, is a favourite among tourists.

Konoba Marenda offers a peak into their local cuisine, while Na Ma Lo and Majstor & Margarita offer delicious cocktails.

Another much-loved restaurant is Pelegrini, the only Michelin-starred restaurant on the Croatian coast.


Murter is a small island situated about 34 km from the Šibenik coast.

There are five settlements on the island, of which the largest town is also called Murter. To the west of Muter is Podvrske Beach, one of the main beaches on the island. The beach is part pebbly and part sandy beach with pine trees for shade.

Another famous town on the island is Tisno which is home to several festivals, including Love International, Soundwave Festival, SunceBeat and Electric Elephant. It is also home to two gorgeous pine-rimmed beaches.

Some exciting attractions on the island include:

  • Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding
  • The Garden Tisno
  • Church of St Francis of Assisi
  • Kornati National Park

Though small, the island of Murter has quite a few restaurants and cafes. Restaurant Racic in Murter town and Konoba Kanata in Betina have some divine seafood options; so does the Stari Mlin by the harbour in Betina. Its calamari dish is to die for.

Finally, head over to Beer Bar Kantun in Murter to quench your thirst with some of their craft beer.


Located between the islands of Pašman and Kornat is Žut, an uninhabited island. Thanks to the many bays and coves, it has an unusually long coastline of 45.9 km.

The island is barren, and there haven’t been any permanent settlements for quite a long time. However, you can find an occasional olive, fig and vine orchard on the island.


However, ACI Club operates a 135-berth marina on the island, along with a restaurant and a grocery store. Marina is open during the season, from April to October.

On a positive note, they have some of the best bays and coves around, like the Luka Žut. It is a deep bay over a mild wide located on the NE side of the island. Another bay worthy of mention is the Uvala Hiljaca which lies three miles away from Luka Žut.

Both the bays offer safe anchorage for your sailing yacht charter, catamaran yacht charter, or motor boat charter.


The Kornati is an archipelago comprising 140 islands, islets and reefs. Of these, 89 islands are part of the Kornati National Park. Kornati National Park is known for its pristine natural beauty, crystal clear waters, beautiful bays, secluded coves and hiking trails.

The islands are mostly barren, with no sources of fresh water. The typical karstic terrain doesn't help, either. However, none of these hides the beauty of the archipelago.

Some of the most exciting attractions in the archipelago include:

  • Kornat island
  • Viewpoint Vrata Opata
  • Fort of Tureta
  • Church of Gospa od Tarca
  • The Crowns
  • Levrnaka Island & Lojena Beach

There are several restaurants catering to tourists in the Kornati archipelago. Restaurant Fasta, Restaurant Jadra and Restaurant Kod Mare are some of the cosy restaurants worth stopping by. Konoba Opat is famous for its fresh seafood dishes.


About 8 miles from Šibenik is a little Dalmatian town known for being the cleanest sea in the Adriatic.

One of the must-see attractions is the old town, which is nestled on an island connected to the mainland via a stone bridge. To the west of the village is Rupa cove, one of the most beautiful beaches in this region.

Tribunj is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches and fine pebble bays.


Some interesting attractions in Tribunj include:

  • Old Town
  • Mount Sveti Nikola
  • Promenade
  • Bristak Beach
  • Zamalin Beach
  • Sovja Beach

There’s also the Marina Tribunj, where you can dock your yacht charter Croatia. Tribunj is a popular starting point for many sailing holidays, thanks to its optimal location.

Being a fishing village, Tribunj is known for its fresh seafood. Restaurants like Tavern Bepo, Tavern Roko, Restaurant Lanterna and Tavern Simon are well known for their local delicacies right by the sea.


About 4 km away from Tribunj is the beautiful coastal town of Vodice. Be it the historic sites, turquoise-blue beaches or even the nightlife, Vodice has got it all.

Vodice is pretty busy in summer with festivals, street artists and beach clubs, so tourists are spoilt for choices for a town as small as Vodice.

Some attractions in the town of Vodice include:

  • Old Town
  • Church of Svetog Kriza
  • Promenade
  • Male Vrulje
  • Plava Plaža Beach
  • Our Lady of Carmel Church
  • Parish Church of St Cross
  • Aquarium & Museum of Maritime Tradition

From street food to fine dining, Vodice has many restaurants and cafes. Konoba Adriana, situated on the outskirts of the town, is famous among tourists and locals alike for its platter of seafood dishes. On the other hand, the restaurant Fortuna, located in the heart of the city, is where you need to be for authentic Croatian cuisine.


Also known as the "Golden Island", Zlarin Island is famous for its unspoiled beauty, pine trees, and sandy beaches. The 8 sq km small island is a part of the Sibenik archipelago.

Zlarin is famous for its red coral. If you visit the island in Summer, you may even witness the traditional ceremony for fishermen who go out into the sea for coral harvest. There’s even a coral museum that showcases how beautiful coral jewellery is made.

The best part about Zlarin is its picturesque sandy beaches apt for swimming and their peace and quiet. Unfortunately, cars are not allowed on the island.

However small the island is, there’s no shortage of restaurants offering various cuisines. Tavern Prslika, with its native interior design, offers delicious traditional food under the branches of a 100-yr old olive tree.

Or you can visit Tavern Aldura for their delicious offerings of Mediterranean and Dalmatian dishes, mostly seafood.


Prvić is a little car-free island in the Sibenik region. Situated only a short distance from Vodice, Prvić is famous for its reputation as a quiet holiday island.

However, the island is not without its attractions, namely, the small fishing villages of Sepurine and Prvic Luka, its fantastic beaches and romantic bays. A stroll through these towns will take you back in time. And the small cafes and taverns offer a Mediterranean flair.

The best restaurants in Prvic include Konoba Maslina, Restaurant Val and Ribarski Dvor.


Skradin is a charming little coastal town on the Šibenik regionn coast. Known as the gateway to the Krka National Park, Skradin lies in a deep bay protected by the Krka River. The natural landscape of Skradin is one of the most beautiful in Croatia, and so are its beaches.

The must-see attractions in Skradin are the historic old town, Krka waterfalls and, of course, its lovely little beaches.


Skradin, with its protected bay, is also home to the ACI Marina Skradin, an idyllic wharf with good facilities.

Restaurant Zlatne Skoljke is the oldest restaurant in the town, offering fresh seafood on top of authentic Croatian fare with top-quality wines from Croatian wineries. If family-run restaurants if your thing, try Restoran Skala, which offers traditional Croatian dishes with a modern twist.


Also known as the “Heart of Dalmatia” is Rogoznica, a resort town on the Šibenik regionn coast. Tourists worldwide flock to the coastal city for its beautiful beaches.

The Old Town, with its Dalmatian stone houses, romantic town squares, and cosy cafes, is worth your time, especially if you are a history buff. And not to forget the Dragon Eye Lake, where you can snorkel or dive from the cliffs. Not adventurous? You can just swim and refresh yourself.

Craving some Mediterranean food? Restoran Mario offers some of the best Mediterranean fares with semifreddo, tuna steaks and even pancakes. Other restaurants worth stopping by are Konoba Maslina and Restaurant Antonijo.


Primošten is a picturesque seaside village situated 28km south of Sibenik. Interestingly enough, Primošten was an island until the 16th century. After the Turk invasion, the residents filled their part of the sea and built a bridge over it.

Currently, Primošten is a popular beach resort. One of its beaches, Mala Raduča is one of the top 10 beaches in Croatia.

Primošten is also home to a 17 meters high statue of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Loretto, which is apparently visible from the Italian coast.

The islands of Ilovik and Sveti Petar are located to the south of the isle Lošinj, separated by the Strait of Ilovik.

Santa Marina is one of the best restaurants not just in Primošten but also in Šibenik region. The restaurant is famous for its fresh seafood and Dalmatian dishes, including pasticada and peka.

Other places of interest are the Tavern Marina, Bau Bar and Aurora (for the nightlife).

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Sibenik region

1104 Yacht

Šibenik region is a popular tourist destination among those who seek a beach holiday. Apart from its stunning beaches, bays and coves, it is also steeped in history and has a rich cultural heritage. Its historical importance is evident in its numerous castles, churches and UNESCO Heritage Sites.

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