Let us organize your sailing Let us organize your sailing

Let us organize your sailing

Sailing with friends or in a mixed group

Let us organize your sailing

For individuals, couples, companies, friends, etc.; we gather a crew, choose a vessel together, arrange for the starting point, come up with a rough plan of sailing – a route, together we discuss all the details ... These can be 7-day sailings or even shorter ones. Generally, we also provide you with a skipper so that navigation will be safe, interesting and above all carefree, since such sailing is suitable especially for those who want to get their first nautical experience. Price is determined per person.

Let us organize your sailing


Sailing of several vessels and crews is organized, each crew has its own skipper, who is also part of the team. The term is defined (usually these are 4-day terms), a route is selected, namely where the sailing will take place and where the stops and berths will be. At least once or twice, a joint dinner is organized in one of the taverns or restaurants – during or at the end of the sailing. For the duration of the flotilla, crews eat on their vessels or jointly organize light meals and parties on the piers, which usually last long in the night. Price is determined per person.

Let us organize your sailing

Term sailings

On certain occasions (e.g. First May holidays, “potato” holidays (autumn break), extended weekends, etc.) we announce the sailings and collect applications until vacancies are filled. We plan ahead which places we will visit and we also allow the possibility for the crew to make a mutual decision to change the route within the time period. Price is per person

Naložbo VAVČER ZA DIGITALNI MARKETING (izdelavo spletne strani ter rezervacijske platforme) sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj.

EU MGRT SPS – Slovenski podjetniški sklad

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