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Vrsar/Orsera was first part of the Venetian Commonwealth, then of the Kingdom of Italy. After the fall of Napoleon, it was part of the Austrian Littoral up to 1915, then became part of Italy (1918–1947), after which it was part of Yugoslavia until 1991, when it was incorporated in the Republic of Croatia.

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The town of Poreč/Parenzo is almost 2,000 years old, and is set around a harbour protected from the sea by the small island of Sveti Nikola/San Nicola (Saint Nicholas). The town's population of approximately 12,000 resides mostly on the outskirts, while the wider Poreč/Parenzo area has a population of approximately 17,000 inhabitants.


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Umag is a coastal city in Istria, Croatia. The city hosts a yearly ATP tennis tournament on clay courts. It is the westernmost city of Croatia and the municipality includes Bašanija, the westernmost point of Croatia.


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Vrsar/Orsera was first part of the Venetian Commonwealth, then of the Kingdom of Italy.


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Located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, it is a popular tourist resort and an active fishing port. Istriot, a Romance language once widely spoken in this part of Istria, is still spoken by some of the residents.


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Pula is the largest city in Istria County, Croatia and the eighth largest city in the country, situated at the southern tip of the Istria peninsula, with a population of 57,460 in 2011. It is known for its multitude of ancient Roman buildings, the most famous of which is the Pula Arena, one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres, and its beautiful sea.


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Brijuni are a group of 14 small island on the west coast of Istria. They are separated from Istrian peninsula by 2 km wide Fažana channel in northern Adriatic. Largest islands are Veliki Brijun, with area of 5,6 km² and Mali Brijun, with area of 1,7 km², and 12 smaller islands.

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