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Catamaran Charter

If you are planning sailing or sailing with a larger group, choosing a catamaran is the right choice, which guarantees you comfort on board. Catamarans are vessels that are increasingly popular for rent, which we have also noticed for the last two years at the agency, as the demand is always increasing.


Catamaran charter with sails or motor catamaran are vessels that offer a large social space at the stern and a large salon with kitchen in the inner main area. Catamarans are vessels that also offer very large, spacious bedrooms, usually the bedrooms also have their own toilets and, above all, privacy, when guests want intimacy and peace, as they are slightly removed below decks, away from the saloon.

Catamarans also have plenty of space outside for socializing, lounging in the sun, fishing or simply sailing or motoring. Sailing with catamarans is comfortable, on a catamaran, due to its two hulls, there is also less rocking, the vessel leans less even when sailing. Due to the smaller draft that sailboats have, we can sail with a catamaran even in bays that do not have the depth required, e.g. for sailboats.

Although a catamaran is a large vessel, handling it is simplified, as catamarans have two engines, which is very welcome when maneuvering, setting sail and mooring.

In short, if you want your own large unique and unique apartment at sea, or rather on the water, which offers you from 4 to 7 bedrooms, book a catamaran rental on the website and even if you think that you wouldn't do it yourself know how to manage, we will provide you with an experienced skipper who will take you safely through the most beautiful bays of the Adriatic destinations. We can also find you a suitable catamaran with sails, or just a motor catamaran.

Naložbo VAVČER ZA DIGITALNI MARKETING (izdelavo spletne strani ter rezervacijske platforme) sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj.

EU MGRT SPS – Slovenski podjetniški sklad

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