PRIMA SAILING – CHARTER AGENCY is a protected trademark of the company VEMSA D.O.O., Ozka ulica 7, Slovenska Bistrica, which, via the web portal www.prima-sailing.com, deals with renting out vessels, sale of additional offer of nautical services, organization of sailing, sailing courses , skipper courses and courses for obtaining relevant documents for operating boats, sailing boats and yachts. At the same time, we advise and help you choose your vacation, holiday destinations and do our best to satisfy you.

The company Vemsa d.o.o. is an intermediary between the user – the renter of charter services and the provider of charter services.

Anyone using this web portal fully agrees with the following conditions:

  • confidentiality and protection of personal data
  • general terms and conditions of use
  • that by making an order through the portal www.prima-sailing.com, they enter into a contractual relationship with the provider, the company Vemsa d.o.o., as well as with the contractual partner
  • an individual provider of charter services, in which they guarantee that they have provided only correct, complete and unambiguous personal data and information necessary for the conclusion of the contract on the rental of vessels and for carrying out other administrative work connected with it

Customer – the user of the portal is obliged to follow and be familiar with the general conditions, which Vemsa d.o.o. can change without notice at any time.

General terms and conditions of use fully determine the rules related to the rental of vessels and other nautical services.


The company Vemsa d.o.o. reserves the ownership rights and copyright on the portal www.prima-sailing.com regarding the content, texts, instructions, photographs, graphics, sketches, etc., as well as the graphical layout of the website. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce or use the entire content for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. If an individual wishes to acquire any of the mentioned for their personal use, they require a written consent from the owner.

All violations will be prosecuted in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia).


The company Vemsa d.o.o. declares and underlines that with its portal www.prima-sailing.com, it is only an intermediary between the vessel renter and the vessel provider – the charter and it therefore cannot guarantee 100 % correctness and truthfulness of the published content, information, prices, accessories, photographs, various discounts, etc., because it uses the information given to it by charter service providers.

The user of the portal www.prima-sailing.com is aware that due to the above-mentioned, the company Vemsa d.o.o., its employees or contract agents are not liable nor can the user demand any compensation, damages, replacement, reimbursement of various damages or legal representation costs, which may arise due to the use of www.prima-sailing.com, unless an intentional misuse by the owner is proven.

The company Vemsa d.o.o. also cannot cover or be liable for damages, inconveniences and consequences arising if the portal www.prima-sailing.com stops working due to the acts or the fault of third parties, non-operation or termination of telecommunications networks, drop in Internet connection, lack of electricity, problems with hacking intrusions or viruses, or in case that for various reasons, an e-mail is not delivered – in all of these and similar cases, Vemsa d.o.o. does not assume any responsibility towards the users of the portal www.prima-sailing.com nor to the contractual partners – charter providers.


The company Vemsa d.o.o. declares that with the use of the web portal www.prima-sailing.com and its applications, user data are collected when a contractual relationship is concluded or users themselves sign up for receiving e-mails, which can be informative and/or promotional. The company Vemsa d.o.o. collects data exclusively for the performance of administrative work related to rental of vessels and other nautical services and for the purpose of improving business and the flow of information between providers and users of the portal. Therefore, users are aware that the company Vemsa d.o.o. can in all cases pass on all the information to the charter service provider in order to conclude a contract on the rental of vessels and the purchase of other nautical services.

These may be personal data and contain the following information:

  • name and surname of the user
  • address
  • e-mail address
  • phone number
  • VAT ID for companies
  • birth data
  • information on identity documents (passports, identity cards, documents for boat leaders)

Non-personal data may also be collected, which do not identify an individual end-user:

  • Website URL – Uniform Resource Locator
  • type of browser
  • IP address – Internet Protocol

The company Vemsa d.o.o. declares that it handles the acquired personal data extremely carefully and safely and only for its promotional – commercial purposes and conclusion of contracts. The data will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties. Unfortunately, the company Vemsa d.o.o. cannot provide 100 % security against potential unauthorized hacker intrusions into its electronic databases, the harmful behaviour of third parties who receive, use, or steal such information, even though Vemsa d.o.o. is trying to take maximum care of safety and apply security protection technologies.

The user of the web portal www.prima-sailing.com is acquainted with the aforementioned facts and accepts them by using the portal.

A user who has subscribed to at any time or has concluded a contract with the company Vemsa d.o.o. may at any time request in writing that their data be removed from all databases or that they do not want to receive any promotional and commercial messages physically or by e-mail.

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